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Colin Rose

Building on a background of establishing and grown a variety of businesses in the past 27 years, Colin has spent most of the past 5 years delivering training, mentorship, coaching and 1-2-1 support to businesses across Scotland and Ireland through a range of Economic Development Programmes.


By education a lawyer, by inclination and engineer and by practice an entrepreneur, Colin combines the procedural rigour and diligence of the law, with the analytical and inquisitive nature of the engineer and optimism and blue sky thinking of the entrepreneur, to deliver value to clients and customers alike.

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My Story

For years I have been rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty, sometimes literally, working with and within businesses.  From ground level to board level, in sales and marketing, product development, team building, operational management, administration, business strategy, pretty much every aspect of business, it has been my privilege to work with some wonderful organisations; be they small owner-run businesses to large public and private sector organisations from San Fransisco to Singapore via Saltcoats. 

Organisations come in all shapes and sizes, with different structures and goals.  They also have certain things in common; including people.  If we are not careful, we can overlook the people, and it is all too easy to overlook what the people mean to how your organisation works.


During my time as COO at a technology firm (yes I was part of the Tech Boom back at the millennium) it started to become increasingly clear that parts of organisations were becoming highly specialised in their own fields.  This was especially clear in the distinction between the commercial and technical functions of businesses.  It was as if they spoke a different language and while they coexisted well enough, neither fully appreciated the value of the other, so they were not able to work together to the greater benefit of the organisation or themselves.


Bridging this gap, was one of the reasons I established Quarter Past Five in 2003.


Although I graduated in Law (with honours) from the University of Glasgow and obtained a Post Graduate

Diploma in Legal Practice, I’m not a lawyer.  What I did learn was how to investigate, listen and understand, not to mention a fair bit about contracts and intellectual property.

By inclination I am probably a bit of an engineer, liking to figure out how things work, how they are put together and most importantly how you can build them and improve them. 


It is a combination of these two facets which has driven me to start-up various businesses and also help others to achieve their own goals



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Mobile : 07779 352 007

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